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  • The Ideology of Choreography

    10 hints for creating your own...
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    The Ideology of Choreography img01
  • Red Lipstick!

    It's the only color you need for...
    By Amy Smith

    Red Lipstick! img01
  • Killer Bee Review

    Beats Antique's new track and tour
    By Bre Stangel

    Killer Bee Review img01
  • Dancing Through Injury

    To live a life of regret only weighs us...
    By Bre Stangel

    Dancing Through Injury img01
  • Cymbals in Dance

    Finger cymbals have always been an...
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    Cymbals in Dance img01
  • After the Resolutions Are Gone

    How to continually connect to your love...
    By Meredith Cook

    After the Resolutions Are Gone img01
  • Sonia

    Devotion, a day in the life
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Sonia img01
  • The Right Dance Class For You

    Selecting a belly dance class
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    The Right Dance Class For You img01
  • Decidedly a Woman's Dance

    Bellydancing is not a dance to seduce...
    By Guest Writer

    Decidedly a Woman's Dance img01
  • Cross-Training

    Creating a strong and sound mind and...
    By Bre Stangel

    Cross-Training img01
  • Stop

    What happens when you can't dance for...
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Stop img01
  • She is Shakira

    the Beauty and the Beast!
    By Miriam Cunha

    She is Shakira img01
  • How Little is Too Little?

    It's not that kinda show
    By Romana Bereneth

    How Little is Too Little? img01
  • Medical Dance Survey

    The long-term effect bellydance has on...
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Medical Dance Survey img01
  • Getting the Word Out

    How to Advertise Your Event
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Getting the Word Out img01
  • Embracing the Darkness

    Even Dancers get the Blues
    By Crystal Silmi

    Embracing the Darkness img01
  • Non-Arabic Bellydance Music

    Can or should I dance to other styles of...
    By Miriam Cunha

    Non-Arabic Bellydance Music img01
  • Marguerite Kusuhara

    Legendary Dancer
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    Marguerite Kusuhara img01
  • Dare to Dance Your Shadow

    Discover you Shadow-Side Giddess
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Dare to Dance Your Shadow img01
  • Men In Bellydance

    How Should men be participating in...
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Men In Bellydance img01
  • the Art Of Self-Promotion

    How to Goldilocks your dance biography
    By Meredith Cook

    the Art Of Self-Promotion img01
  • Jayna With Whiskers

    Raised in a culturally saturated...
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Jayna With Whiskers img01
  • Bellies Building Bridges

    Elegance over blatant sexuality
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Bellies Building Bridges img01
  • Bellydance Goes Global

    Bellydance Superstars tour
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Bellydance Goes Global img01
  • the Pomodoro Technique

    The POMODORO Technique was created by...
    By Ashley Kirkham

    the Pomodoro Technique img01
  • Kaleidoscope Of Dancers

    Interesting Dancer Backgrounds
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Kaleidoscope Of Dancers img01
  • Performance Anxiety

    That's not a shimmy, I'm shaking.
    By Romana Bereneth

    Performance Anxiety img01
  • and Time Goes On

    This Dance Evolves Over Time
    By Nizana El Rassan

    and Time Goes On img01
  • Costumes and Body Types

    What should I wear for my performance?
    By Miriam Cunha

    Costumes and Body Types img01
  • the World Of Sha'Abi

    Sha'abi music is music for the working...
    By Ashley Kirkham

    the World Of Sha'Abi img01
  • Daughter Of the Dancer

    Reminiscing with Lisa
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Daughter Of the Dancer img01
  • Introvert After the Show

    Being a shy dancer and talking to people
    By Meredith Cook

    Introvert After the Show img01
  • Practice Anyway

    Finding motivation when you want to skip...
    By Malik Turley

    Practice Anyway img01
  • Samora Raks

    An Atlanta Bellydancer
    By Viola Nelson

    Samora Raks img01
  • Bellydance Library

    Reading list series for belly dancers
    By Bre Stangel

    Bellydance Library img01
  • the Cobra In Dance

    Snakes Have been a Popular Dance Symbol
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    the Cobra In Dance img01
  • the Art Of Veilwork

    Flowing beauty
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    the Art Of Veilwork img01
  • Inspiring Your Creativity

    Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Inspiring Your Creativity img01
  • Love Affair With Veils

    Veils are a Popular Belly Dance Prop!
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Love Affair With Veils img01
  • Dancing Together

    Special Relationship of Duets
    By Patricia Cumbie

    Dancing Together img01
  • Camels and Belly Dance

    These Misunderstood Animals are a Symbol...
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    Camels and Belly Dance img01
  • Bellydance Options

    Ways to be Involved with Bellydance...
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Bellydance Options img01
  • Practice: Soft

    Building soft skills through practice
    By Malik Turley

    Practice: Soft img01
  • a Costuming Adventure

    Leopards, zebras, and snakes, oh my!
    By Malik Turley

    a Costuming Adventure img01
  • Stefanya

    An Exotic Flower
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Stefanya img01
  • Issam Houshan

    King Of The Drum
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Issam Houshan img01
  • Practice = Perfect

    Why Practice Really Makes Perfect
    By Ashley Kirkham

    Practice = Perfect img01
  • Through the Eyes Of a Drummer

    interview with Dr. Richard Ries
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Through the Eyes Of a Drummer img01
  • Past and Modern Styles

    Traditional vs. Contemporary Styles of...
    By Katherin Gomez

    Past and Modern Styles img01
  • the Mind Matters

    Bellydance challenges the brain as well...
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    the Mind Matters img01
  • Practice: Hard

    Building hard skills through practice
    By Malik Turley

    Practice: Hard img01
  • Dancing In the Darkness

    Bellydance and Mental Illness
    By Zehara Nachash

    Dancing In the Darkness img01
  • Bellydance Style

    Traditional vs Contemporary
    By Lynne Meryl Chapman

    Bellydance Style img01
  • Smart Practice

    Setting practice goals
    By Malik Turley

    Smart Practice img01
  • Traditional Vs Modern

    Comparing the styles of today's...
    By Jasmine Valentine

    Traditional Vs Modern img01
  • Musical Exploration

    Make some new creative juices get...
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Musical Exploration img01
  • Jealousy and Dance

    Lions and Tigers and Stares, Oh My!
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Jealousy and Dance img01
  • the Voice Of Egypt

    Om Kalsoum was a singer, musician,...
    By Ashley Kirkham

    the Voice Of Egypt img01
  • Adore

    Poetry in motion
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Adore img01
  • Awakening the Goddess

    How Bellydance Found Me
    By Makayla Leone

    Awakening the Goddess img01
  • Shimmy Your Chakras

    Yoga and Belly Dancing
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Shimmy Your Chakras img01
  • Get Primal

    Catharsis in Bellydance Fusion
    By Zehara Nachash

    Get Primal img01
  • the Aging Dancer

    To perform or not to perform, that is...
    By Crystal Silmi

    the Aging Dancer img01
  • Prepping Your Body

    Is your body ready for practice?
    By Malik Turley

    Prepping Your Body img01
  • Bellydance Costuming 101

    A primer in Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal,...
    By Malik Turley

    Bellydance Costuming 101 img01
  • Moria Chappell

    Feminine and fierce
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Moria Chappell img01
  • Serpentine Bellydance Dvd

    Dvd Review: Serpentine Bellydance with...
    By Rachel Allen

    Serpentine Bellydance Dvd img01
  • Rhythms Reference Sheet

    20 Middle Eastern Dance Rhythms...
    By Rachel Allen

    Rhythms Reference Sheet img01
  • Petite Jamilla

    From Polynesian style to Superstar
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Petite Jamilla img01
  • Let's Get Physical

    Bellydance for fitness
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    Let's Get Physical img01
  • Expression Through Music

    Self-identity and Music Selection
    By Bre Stangel

    Expression Through Music img01
  • Where Are the Bdss?

    Will the Bellydance Superstars return?
    By Aaron Stipkovich

    Where Are the Bdss? img01
  • Transformation

    Bellydance poem
    By Jan Price

    Transformation img01
  • Randa Kamel Dvd

    Masters of Egyptian Choreography -...
    By Rachel Allen

    Randa Kamel Dvd img01
  • Bellydance Therapy

    The Art of Healing and Resilience
    By Katherin Gomez

    Bellydance Therapy img01
  • the Treasure Pack

    The Belly Dancer's Treasure Pack -...
    By Guinevere Clark

    the Treasure Pack img01
  • Making Practice Tangible

    Using a Practice Journal for Growth
    By Malik Turley

    Making Practice Tangible img01
  • to Prop Or not to Prop...

    To use a Prop or not to use a Prop,...
    By Miriam Cunha

    to Prop Or not to Prop... img01
  • Let Me Entertain You

    5 Ways to Make Your Bellydance Artful
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Let Me Entertain You img01
  • Bellydance For President

    An Important Message from one of us
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Bellydance For President img01
  • Gold Medal For Bellydance

    How Olympic Games make you think about...
    By Latifa Veridiana Berlinck

    Gold Medal For Bellydance img01
  • Bellydance Festivals

    How to prepare for your first festival
    By Ashley Kirkham

    Bellydance Festivals img01
  • Ritual Of Transformation

    Dance happens in the now. You have been...
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Ritual Of Transformation img01
  • Inspiration

    Finding Inspiration to Bellydance
    By Nizana El Rassan

    Inspiration img01
  • International Dance Day

    Addressing the reluctance of dancers to...
    By Miranda Leonardo

    International Dance Day img01
  • Why Learn Belly Dance?

    Many Roads to this Ancient Art Form
    By Julie Farin

    Why Learn Belly Dance? img01
  • Bellydance and Fitness

    Key points on body strength
    By Viola Nelson

    Bellydance and Fitness img01
  • Spellbound

    10 Ways to Mesmerize Your Audience
    By Meredith Zelman Narissi

    Spellbound img01
  • Bellydance and You

    What Draws You To The Dance?
    By Rachel Allen

    Bellydance and You img01
  • Colleen Anderson

    The first official Desert Rose
    By Miranda Leonardo

    Colleen Anderson img01
  • Work Or Practice

    What will you do, Today?
    By Malik Turley

    Work Or Practice img01
  • Tips For Performing

    Tips for performing in public – by...
    By Miriam Cunha

    Tips For Performing img01
  • Learning Bellydance

    The better I feel about myself…
    By Silvia Lopez

    Learning Bellydance img01
  • Middle Eastern Dance

    A Brief History of This Ancient Art Form
    By Nancy Loyan Schuemann

    Middle Eastern Dance img01
  • a Word About Transitions

    Smooth out Your Dance Flow
    By Nizana El Rassan

    a Word About Transitions img01
  • the Islands Are Calling

    (P)Review of the Hawaii Belly Dance...
    By Nizana El Rassan

    the Islands Are Calling img01
  • the Power Of Dance

    From Caterpillar to Butterfly.
    By Crystal Silmi

    the Power Of Dance img01