Dare to Dance Your Shadow

Angry Dancer
Angry Dancer
Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.[nb 1] Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin. | Photo: Thadeoradicarlous | Dancer, Angry, Sexy, Cartoon,

Discover you Shadow-Side Giddess

Did you ever want to dance your anger? How about your sadness, or frustration? Maybe you wanted to express your not-so-beautiful self; what about your witchy-self? Have you ever choreographed an eerie dance? Halloween invites you to show the shadow of anger, fear, and even terror. Do you let any of these darker aspects reach your performance? Trick or treat, here is an opportunity for bringing hidden impulses to the light...the spotlight.

There is some satisfaction in seeing the enactment of hidden desires, fears, and even pain, in an artful way. Spooky qualities in your dance can reveal deep impulses. Tribal dance frequently offers these inclinations full expression; and with a fascinating snake-like hiss.

In Jungian psychology the Shadow side is the unconscious aspect of your personality which your conscious ego tries to ignore. According to the famous therapist Carl Jung, the less you know your shadow side the more likely it is to enter your world in unhealthy, even destructive ways. It seems preferable to act them out on stage...for the benefit of all. That is one of the reasons it can actually be very healthy to help these dark impulses find form in dance. Acknowledging the mysterious side of yourself will help you to integrate all aspects of the self, and therefore create more self-knowledge and choice. Choice to move toward the light. Even plants know how to lean toward the light!

It is thought that these shadows may represent primitive animal instincts, or even a alter ego side of your personality. When expressed in Dance it can be captivating, much like scary movies and thrilling mystery stories catch our attention.

The shadow side can also represent positive unknown instincts and visions. Having many layers, it is often a place where creativity can spring forth and unearth repressed ideas. It is thought that psychic impulses can arise from this hidden side. With awareness, and expression in a safe way, the shadow side can help you assimilate your golden shadow...what you secretly admire and want. When the dance flows freely and your creativity soars, this is a semi conscious fountain of blending between the hidden and the known; were Art loves to live. Here the dance takes on its own meaning; a meaning true to all who are watching, because it is part of the collective unconscious, as well as what we easily see.

Art is the place of the inner landscape. Dance is non-verbal, maybe pre-verbal, and it evokes gut level reaction. Belly Dance in particular, and specifically Tribal, offers expression for gothic, hidden, folk-loric, not-such-rule-following-good-girl persona, but unique expression. It brings to light strength and individuality. When I first saw FatChanceBellyDance there was a lot of freedom in their expression, and it was not about following traditional cabaret rules. This is refreshingly provocative.

If you are pressuring yourself to always be beautiful, and nice, and kind, and your dance is always lovely, perhaps it is time to try a little spooky shadow effect. You just mind entrance your audience...and yourself, into embracing and illuminating deeper aspects of your wholeness. Dance your shadow side if you dare, and discover more about who you really are. Everyone will love to watch!

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