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Bellydance is a type of Middle Eastern dance. Originally a "solo, improvised dance involving torso articulation," bellydance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally. | Bellydance, Belly, Dance, Middle Eastern, Arabia, Arabic, Eyes, Beauty, Stomach, Sexy, Gloves,

Ways to be Involved with Bellydance without dancing

Sometimes you want to be involved in bellydance, but not perform. Perhaps it’s just not your thing, you’ve retired from performing, you’ve incurred an injury, or any number of other reasons. Maybe you’re a professional making a living off of dance and want to plan ahead for your retirement or it could be you just want to take a break. It’s possible you are a significant other or relative or friend of a dancer and you want to be involved with them. Well, a dancer (or non-dancer) has options.

Do you happen to be crafty or a great seamstress? That opens all kinds of doors for costuming, accessories, and jewelry opportunities! You can sell your items at haflas and shows as well as online and could do custom work for troupes and soloists. Maybe you have an artistic vein, and you can draw dancer portraits, create darling bellydancer themed toys or uniquely decorated tote bags. Those who like to cook or bake could create all kinds of recipes to cater, vend or even open a restaurant.

The sky is the limit with creativity here.

There is always being a musician if you are so inclined; dancers usually appreciate some access to some good live music. There are a variety of instruments with doumbek being a favorite, but certainly not the only one. You could be the sound person for events, or perhaps the emcee, where you can still dress up a little and be part of the show. Big events can always use volunteers to help with a variety of things, from runners to advertising and set up/take down. Perhaps you are great behind the lens, and photography or videography is more your style.

If you are good at business, perhaps vending could be of interest to you, which often has some traveling involved. There are all kinds of dancer delights you could choose to sell, or you can vend your own wares. Writers can submit articles and reviews for consideration to publications, post a blog or write a book. You could own, run or work in a dance studio, and of course, some of you could certainly teach classes and workshops.

Then of course, there is supporting your local haflas and events, enjoying entertainment, shopping and networking. Just hanging around dancers and absorbing the aura without the pressure of getting ready and dancing in front of others. There is plenty to look at, shop for and take pictures of! Shows need audiences, so bring your friends and make it a night out. There are so many options to keep one involved in the wonderful world of bellydance!

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