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Where Are the Bdss?

Aaron Stipkovich

The most innovative and world-renowned modern Bellydance troupe...

On the cover:

Though Jayna's first word could have been "shimmy" (her mom was a Bellydancer as well) it wasn't until a little over a decade ago that she fell hard for the art of Bellydance. A jazzy/modern/bellydance fusion performance to "Kashmir" by Zed Zeppelin showed her she had no choice but to start pursuing this dance for reals! When she was a kid, it took an array of jazz, ballet and gymnastics lessons to get super active Jayna to chill out!

Will the Bellydance Superstars return?

BDSS in Global Rhythm

It is the ancient dance of the community of women of all ages. It is beyond cultural boundaries. --Masha Archer. Rachel Brice, Sonia Ochoa, and Jillina appearing in Global Rhythm magazine. | Photo: Sebastian Darrasse | Bellydance Superstars, Rachel Brice, Sonia Ochoa, Jillian, Global Rhythm, Masha Archer, Magazine,

Will the Bellydance Superstars return?



[Comments] Since 2001, the Bellydance Superstars have toured, performed, and entertained millions, worldwide. I remember the day we were choosing the name, buying the domain name, and watching Miles percolate over the concept. We were sitting in our offices on Ventura Blvd., in Los Angeles, Sting music playing in the background, and as usual, Miles' desk piled high with... well, with everything. Little did I know the magnitude of BDSS's future. We have visited everywhere possible, endured everything possible, and given it everything possible. What a joy it has been. We have no-one to thank but you, the fan.

So what's the latest and when will they return?

The simple answer is, we're not sure. We are looking at a 2017 winter tour, but nothing is official yet. There are so many components with a tour of this scale. As you know, the amazing BDSS performers all have schedules of their own as well. Auditions for new talent, in addition to our original and iconic dancers, are being discussed. Choreography, locations, dates, and music are all being contemplated too.

No one want's another tour as much as we do. Together with the fans, locations and most of all, the art, Bellydance Superstars tours have been a gift from the heavens to all who have experienced them.

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Miles Copeland and the BDSS

Miles Copeland with the Bellydance Superstars. When Miles Axe Copeland III was born on May 2, 1944, there was a very bright star in the sky, though no one is quite certain which star it was. There were also V-1 and V-2 rockets dropping in the near vicinity, as it was the height of the World War II blitz of London. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Link | Miles Copeland, Bellydance, Middle East, Music, Dance,

Aaron Stipkovich

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