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Randa Kamel Dvd

Rachel Allen

A DVD Review featuring of one of the Queens of Bellydance

Masters of Egyptian Choreography - Volume One - Randa Kamel

Randa Kamel DVD

There is no old school or new school in dance, the most important thing is feeling. Oriental dance without feeling is not Oriental dance. --Egyptian bellydancer Randa Kamel | Randa Kamel, Egyptian Bellydancer, Oriental Dance,

Masters of Egyptian Choreography - Volume One - Randa Kamel

Rachel Allen



[Comments] So if a dancer can’t quite make it to Egypt yet … bring one of Egypt’s finest performers and instructors to the dancer in her very own living room.

Randa Kamel has an energy about her that captures your attention right from the start in this DVD. As she is Egyptian this DVD provides an excellent voice over translation that is timed perfectly, and you even end up being able to count to 8 in Egyptian by the end of the DVD.

Randa discusses proper posture and how essential this is to the dance and your body. She also discusses how important the element of having your whole body involved in the dance is, and mentions the often forgot about ‘Fingers’, as the expression of the dance flows right through to your fingertips.

Randa has a live drummer playing for her on this DVD which gives you an eye and an ear as to how the rhythms and the moves work hand in hand to project out to the audience the essence of the music. The two should flow as one.

The Technique section gives a fantastic breakdown of the moves with both a front (audience perspective) and back (student learning perspective) view. Highly beneficial. She starts with the basics and gives a good solid foundation of the moves, placement and positioning. Then she brings the pace up to tempo.

The next section consists only of the Drummer and his Tabla, as Egyptian Rhythms are discussed and shown. Even though this is a short section it is another excellent resource tool.

The Choreography section is set up perfectly. As you watch the full choreography you get excited to get involved in this lively and energetic routine and learn the moves. It is then divided into sections so that you have the opportunity to grasp and absorb the moves and combinations before proceeding on to the next section. Then as each section progresses, it includes the previous sections, so that you can bring it all together as one by the time you finish the last choreography section. It’s a great way to practice on a certain spot by being able to click to the section in particular that needs a little fine-tuning or a better understanding of. Randa Kamel finishes this section off performing the choreography she just taught you in costume.

The Bonus Features section includes an interview with Randa Kamel that was very interesting and well translated. She discusses her dancing experience from an early age and how it was her choice to pursue dance, and the long journey filled with various learning experiences that has brought her to being one of the top performers in Cairo today. She tells how she has taken moves from her idols and role models in Bellydance and combined their moves with classical and folklorish moves and then added her own personal flare and moves to create a style of her own. She discusses how important emotion and expressions are in dance and that to not forget any details from head to toe, as they are all part of you. Power, strength, grace, fluidity, energy and power exude through her, no matter on the dance floor, or being interviewed.

Next comes 2 Live Performances of Randa in Egypt. She is a very captivating performer and keeps her audience’s attention throughout her performances.

The wrap up of the DVD includes other DVD’s available, Costuming information on the creative Eman Zaki and her designs, and what really impressed me … At the end is ‘Women for Women International Charity’. This Charity helps women in war torn regions rebuild their lives and a portion of the proceeds this DVD go to this Charity. Very Well Done!!!

Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen, Contributor: Rachel is proud to promote the true essence of Bellydance ~ the fun, the friendship, the spirit, the history, the culture, the expression of this beautiful artform. Rachel is a teacher in the SE Saskatchewan, Canada area and is founder and instructor for her Performance Troupe 'Lalita Maya Bellydance'. (more...)