Ritual Of Transformation

Moria Chappell
Applying Makeup Backstage
Applying Makeup Backstage
Applying makeup backstage; The "Desert Darlings" prepare to perform Danny Elfman and Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas." | Photo: Aaron Anglin | Link | Makeup, Backstage, Bellydance, Danny Elfman, Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas,

Dance happens in the now. You have been waiting for this.

You arc eyeliner above watchful pupils and scan your face for transformation. The lipstick, the blush, and the eye make-up, painted to enhance the windows of the soul, are all carefully articulated. Sparkles and smudges highlight your mood. You dress in layers of silky hues. Fastening, tying, pinning and putting in place final touches. Skirt fabric, bangles, coins and beads adorn your body. Your hair, jeweled and twined, or hanging free, completes the look. You are almost ready. But this preparation has been going on for some time, perhaps since you decided to dance. Earlier, you knew you would be performing, and each step toward expression has been subconsciously tending to the transformation. Stretching, reaching, and twirling with apprehensive happiness, you think, "Let the dance begin."

You await your announcement. On the wall, a large life size painting of Isis stretching out her wings captures your attention. She calls to you from some ancient rite of sisterhood. She wants more than a dance, she wants you to become what you must be. Silently murmuring a prayer for good dancing, you enter the stage. Infused with music and drum beats that match those of your heart, you make your entrance. With veils and zills for accompaniment, you dive into the depths of the stage. Your feet hold fast to the ground, rooted in contact with earth. Footsteps touch, glide and hold, never leaping or soaring; that would leave the earth bereft, and so you stay intimate. Hip rhythms increase as the drums strengthen. Shakes and shimmies move with intelligent accent. Intention weaves through your pelvic cradle in a celestial pulse. Sound waves merge within cells that gyrate in precise rhythm. It is not just your expertise. It is cosmic harmony. It is happening now, in this moment. All your sensations happen in the now.

Preparing Backstage
Preparing Backstage

The "Desert Darlings" prepare to perform Danny Elfman and Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas." | Photo: Aaron Anglin | Link |
Dance happens in the now. You have been waiting for this.

Ecstatic sparks move to the heart in celebratory joy. They fly toward the heavens. And so your arms reach up and undulate in grace. Your hands open and close, caressing the air like sea anemones swaying in ocean current. Your supple fingers grasp at nothing, as if trying to catch angel feathers too ethereal to hold. Fields of flowers extending toward sunlight as soft winds ripple through them, move like your body is moving now. You are all the elements: earth, air, fire, water, and ether; shaking, quivering, encountering energy spiraling upward. Mindfulness is now filled with beauty and the Oneness of all things. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are free. Your rituals of readiness have invited this. Ardent practice and surrender have invited this transformation. The cosmic play that whispers sensations of eternity is here now.

You are here; present. And you love to dance with eternity.

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