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Bellydance For President

Principal cast member of the Bellydance Superstars and owner of the Los Angeles Bellydance Academy, Stefanya is an acclaimed choreographer, award winning dancer, and rising international dance star. Stefanya is currently teaching and performing across the globe. | Photo: LA Bellydance Academy | Link | Stefania, Bellydance Superstars, Portrait, Los Angeles Bellydance Academy, Ballet,

An Important Message from one of us

I find it incredibly appropriate to release this golden nugget with our most controversial election in our history, just around the corner. Bellydance Superstar Stefanya wrote this from Washington DC while on tour with BDSS. Thank you Stefania!

We all know that this famous stage show proclaimed as the Bellydance Superstars has some ties to Washington DC. Articles such as the one by Caroline Luzzatto in The Virginian-Pilot titled "Bellydance Goes Big" (published 11-01-12, featuring a front cover and two page spread), highlights the BDSS' producer's family ties to the CIA. Some of you have seen the new reports proclaiming Miles as a WWII spy alongside Julia Child and a few other famous names released in 2008, when certain documents became unclassified. But this was slightly misleading, seeing as our MC is really Miles Copeland III, making his father, Miles Copeland Jr., the one specializing in international espionage. I have learned a lot from my boss and one of those lessons is not to let the truth get in the way of a good story... so if there are a few minds out there thinking we are really an undercover organization, dancing for distraction, out to do either good or evil as we trek across the world then I would say don't hold back. I too like to fantasize and boast myself into super-hero status from time to time.

So it is tonight, the night before my second voteable election, I find myself on the 10th floor of a Doubletree. My hotel room comes with a view of the southeast side of the Pentagon and I ask myself, "Is there anything that is truly a coincidence, or are we all in a revolving delusion fueled by our own desires and fantasies?" Do my dreams of becoming and sustaining as a professional dancer ever even happen without the end of WW2, and the need for an organized intelligence agency sending my producer in his influential childhood to the Middle East to grow into a mega-music mogul, bringing Arabic music and Bellydance into the homes of millions of Americans with national TV spots and public television broadcast... ? Maybe one of those questions is not worth answering, but I guarantee you this one is: Is there a way we can vote Bellydance for President?

For me, bellydance stands for unity, community, and something that I believe is very inherently American: Acceptance. Dancing together destroys separation and reinforces our ability to set ourselves free. Freedom... Americans love freedom. We will do anything for it. So that is why I am passionate and dedicated to electing Bellydance for President. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, your size, your political affiliation, religion, gender or income bracket, Bellydance is the candidate of the future. To love Bellydance is to love yourself and to celebrate an ancient custom that is vibrant and alive in the hearts and souls of our beautiful brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Perhaps it could be this commonality alone that we can rely on to bring peace to the Middle East. Ending the war machine would provide an opportunity to focus on much more meaningful pursuits such as restoring the health of our planet, and making sure that children are not dying from hunger or curable diseases. To empower an individual is to empower a nation, and we all can share in this dance together. This is why I believe that we all should elect Bellydance for President.

Not that we are going to see our favorite politician in a Hallah costume any time soon, but if someone were to ask me to become a lobbyist for Bellydance... I would in a heartbeat... or Issam's magical drumbeat... perhaps they already have :)

Happy voting to all the beautiful Americans. I encourage you to vote for the stability of the middle class, and vote for woman, and VOTE FOR BELLYDANCE!

Bellydance Goes Big
Bellydance Goes Big

Caroline Luzzatto's story on the Bellydance Superstars in the Virginia Pilot | Photo: The Virginia Pilot | Miles Copeland, The Bellydance Superstars, Press, Caroline Luzzatto, The Virginia Pilot,

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