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One of the world's largest global Bellydance event calendars, our event listings are not only in the calendar, but they're tied to Google's Calendar (and other calendar systems) to quickly and easily enter into viewers busy schedules. Furthermore, we will include the events in our Twitter, Facebook, and Newsletter posts!

Pass it along! Entering events in the largest Global Bellydance Calendar won't be free long, so get your events listed free, right now!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not for advertising your studio or your ongoing services. (Contact us if you'd like to advertise.) The Global Bellydance Calendar is for specific events or workshops that have a single date or date range. Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored.

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Include website, contact information, ticketing information, venue, and all other details to attract viewers to attend your event. No HTML, but website URL's are OK.

Do not submit without event contact informtion, venue, and an event description! Please review the information! You will not be able to edit the information once submitted. You will recieve a confirmation email when your event is live in the calendar.